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The Works

Hell of Iron

In this part of hell the ones who have earned money through unfaithful ways will be tormented on the

incredibly hot iron pad.

The Buddhism Hell - Tale of 10 gods is a series showing the 10 gods of hell.

5 of the gods were done by me and the other 5 done by a fellow artist.

Buddhism Hell

Anyone violent to their friends or neighbors
will be tormented in the Hell of Swords. 
The hell is covered with trees that have swords sticking out ready to pierce through the body.

Hell of Swords

The hell of wind is where the people who cheated on their partner would be found. Strong wind that goes through your skin would be blown non-stop.

Hell of Wind

Hell of Saw

In this very hell people who committed fraud would be found. The very people who would be cut by the saw.

The hell where you get punished for not
being respectful to your elders.
One would go through an intense coldness that
feels like shards are piercing through one's skin.

Hell of Ice

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