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Sun and Moon 

My interpretation of this theme was the 

gods of Olympia. The god who represents 

the sun - Apollo and the moon - Artemis. 

This is a series where the theme is based on various fairies and folklore.
It is also a hashtag challenge that me and other artists on Instagram

participate in in the Spring. (A hashtag started by Pinktofu and me) 

Fairy Fae

For this theme, I thought the Korean goddess Mago (마고신) was appropriate. She has been seen in numerous Korean tales where she moved mountains and walked upon seas as a giant to help the people but also has been depicted as an old woman who was buried alive in the grave. Thus, representing both

rise & fall.  

Rise and Fall 

When I heard the word Monochrome, I immediately thought of the nine-tailed fox also known as the Guhimo(구미호) in Korea. A being who eats human

liver at night. 




Rather than focusing on folklore I focused 
on what I found beautiful and magical. 
And it was nature itself. 

With this theme, I drew a Korean Yokai called the Geusendae (그슨대) that appears at night and grows while absorbing people's fears.  

The Devil

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